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Geotechnical Engineering, Hydrogeology and Environment

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Geological and Geotechnical Field Testing

Geotechnical Investigations

  • Drill Rig Investigations (Percussion and rotation)
  • Window Sampler Drilling
  • Undisturbed Sampling
  • Geotechnical Logging
  • Handauger Investigations
  • Trial Pit Excavation

Dynamic Probing

  • Dynamic Probe DPL (Light)
  • Dynamic Probe DPM (Medium)
  • Dynamic Probe DPH (Heavy)
  • Dynamic Probe DPSH (Super Heavy)

Geotechnical in situ Tests

  • Static Cone Penetration Tests
  • SPT Standard Penetration Test
  • Pressuremeter Testing
  • Shear Vane Test
  • Lugeon e Lefranc Tests

Geotechnical Instrumentation

  • Inclinometers Installation and Monitoring
  • Piezometers Installation and Monitoring
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