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GEOALGAR is a consulting service company in the disciplines of geological and geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology and environment, based on a team of highly qualified geologists with extensive experience in this labor market that provides the full spectrum of services in geotechnics covering ground investigation, data interpretation, analysis, design and construction advice for companies in the public and private sector.


The GEOALGAR company makes available to its customers, teams and means, covering most aspects of geotechnical and environmental studies, being able to provide various kinds of services.

If the services listed above do not meet the requirements of your project, please contact GEOALGAR so we can assist you in the fulfillment of your goals.

Principles and Objectives

Our team appreciates the contact with clients in order to develop a mutual understanding in relation to the demands of each project. Our knowledge about the  geological and geotechnical properties of a site allows us to implement effective solutions to save time and monetize investments.



Our Approach

The company GEOALGAR and its team have a professional and enthusiastic approach, combined with technical innovations and a high attention to detail, always providing serious, responsible, dedicated and competent services and also solutions on any project, in a timely manner.